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    May 4, 2020

    Hi Angels! We hope you're all doing well. We have 2 fun and very meowgical coloring sheets you can download today. Grab all your coloring supplies, click below to print at home and get the party started!

    We'd LOVE to see photos of your finished coloring pages, or maybe you have a Zoom/Skype coloring party with your friends, or maybe designed your own coloring pages. Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram @fashionangelsent!





    Your Friends at Fashion Angels

  • Fab FREE Coloring Download

    April 27, 2020

    We have another FAB FREE doodle download with art by one of our Art Directors Toni B.! (@flamingosandfringe on Instagram - go give her a follow!)

    Grab your markers, pencils, or crayons, click below to download, print at home and get creative!


    We'd love to see your own eye doodles! Snap a pic and share on Instagram and tag us @fashionangelsent


    Your Friends at Fashion Angels

  • DIY Mask From Upcycled Tee's

    April 23, 2020

    We’re in the midst of this pandemic and it’s recommended to wear a mask if you have to go out. Not much fun, but you can make a cute, customized masks for yourself and to send to others out of your old t-shirts. This project uses things you should already have around the house and you only need very simple sewing skills. Trust us – if you can sew on a button, you should be able to do this. And if not – this is the PERFECT time to learn a little basic sewing! It's the perfect boredom buster!!!

    You’ll Need:

    • An old shirt or piece of clothing
    • Scissors
    • Ruler
    • Compass or round item of the correct diameter (see below)
    • Pencil, pen or something to mark the shirt with
    • Elastic, string or ribbon
    • Needle & Thread


    Take your old t-shirt, trace a circle and cut out.

    • Adults will need about 10”-11” diameter
    • Children will need about 8” diameter

    ***If your shirt has a pattern or decal, figure out what part you would like on your mask, make your circle, and cut out.

    Fold your circle in half, and cut down the middle. Then fold each half of circle in half again, and cut. You will end up with 4 pieces.

    Take 2 of the pieces, place them with the sides you want on the front of your mask facing together. The sides that are out, should be the back side of your mask.

    Sew along the long curved end. You can do a running or basic stitch.

    Do the same with the other 2 pieces of your circle.

    Unfold your 2 sewn halves and line them up together with the back sides (the ones with the seams) facing each other. The shape will almost look like half of a football. Then do a running or basic stitch all along the outer edge.

    ***NOTE: If you are using a heavy weight fabric, you can use only 1 layer of fabric to keep it breathable and can skip this this step. You can then make 2 masks!

    Measure your elastic, string or ribbon. You might want to cut a slightly longer piece and trim the ends if needed so you get a good fit.

    • Adults will need about 8”-9” of elastic or ribbon for each side of their mask
    • Children will need about 6” for each side of their mask

    Take one piece of the elastic and place on one of the pointed ends. Fold the tip of the fabric over the elastic and sew into place. Repeat on the other side.








    Hold the mask up to your face and see where the elastic or string will fit comfortably around your ears, tie a knot and trim off any excess. Repeat on the other side.

    A simple, customized mask from upcycled material that you can wash and reuse for the duration! There's also tons of other mask making demos out there that you can search online if you want!

    Take care, stay safe, and stay healthy friends!


    Your Friends at Fashion Angels

  • Free Coloring Download!

    April 22, 2020

    We love doodles! One of our Art Directors made some fab doodle pages and we're obsessed! We're excited to share this as fun, FREE coloring downloads for all of our Angels!

    Art Credit to Toni B. (@flamingosandfringe on Instagram - go give her a follow!)

    Grab your markers, pencils, or crayons, click below to download, print at home and get creative!


    We'd love to see your own doodles! Snap a pic and share on Instagram and tag us @fashionangelsent


    Your Friends at Fashion Angels

  • Painting Page Downloads

    April 20, 2020

    Hello Everyone - We're hoping you had a fab weekend. We've had a few free fun coloring pages, and we always suggest colored pencils and markers... but what about paint!

    Grab your paint brushes, watercolors, acrylics, or whatever paints you have and let's get to work!

    Print out the downloads below as a fun starting point for creations. If you have a canvas and want to draw the designs on to that, great. If not, hopefully you have slightly heavier weight paper to print on. If not, you can make whatever you have work!

    Check out the tips below for some different paint application and color mixing techniques and let the creativity flow!






    If all else fails, just use your regular coloring supplies and just have fun! Try customizing the designs or making your own!

    We'd love to see your creations! Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram @fashionangelsent.



    Fashion Angels

  • Bracelet DIY with Safety Pins!

    April 17, 2020

    Did you ever think about all of the things that you can used to make jewelry? When you all can get back in to stores, it's fun to walk around and think of what you can use: O-Rings or wire coils from the hardware store. One of our favorites is using safety pins with beads to make fun and edgy bracelets.

    You'll need to go grab a few supplies:

    • Safety Pins (bonus if they are colored)
    • Beads of all shapes and sizes and colors
    • Elastic string/cording
    • Scissors, ruler, and tape

    Follow the instructions below to make 2 different style of bracelets:

    You can even use these decorative safety pins as bag charms/decorations or even as key chains.

    Have a super fun time making your bracelets - we'd love to see your creations. Snap a pic, share on Instagram and tag us in your post @fashionangelsent


    Your Friends at Fashion Angels

  • Hair Talk

    April 16, 2020

    Let's talk about hair... With all of the salons closed during this time, we know everyone's hair is getting a little bit crazy. If you're growing your bangs out (by choice, or not), or maybe you just want a fun way to update your 'do for spring, keep on reading.

    Grab your bobby pins - it's time to get creative. Check out all of these patterns you can make in your hair just with some simple bobby pins to take your hair game from "meh" to "WOW!" No doubt about it - you'll be the star of your next Skype, Zoom, or Facetime call (even if you're just in your sweat pants).

    Bonus creative style points - if you have wider bobby pins or hair clips, you can take nail polish and paint a design on them to make a one of a kind look for your hair.

    Show us your new spring 'do - Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram @fashionangelsent


    Your Friends at Fashion Angels

  • Just for Fun - Free Coloring Downloads

    April 15, 2020

    We all know that all things related to the virus just plain stinks. Right?! We all have good days and bad days - it's totally normal. We're hoping our daily craft ideas will help your family spend a little time away from the screen and get creative.

    Today we have the most simple of simple things... and the boys will even like this one. We used to have this super funny more "boy" themed portfolio book called I Stink. The pictures to color in (all designed by our in-house creative team in Milwaukee, WI) were of not-so-great smelling things: think garbage, toots, and there's some turds too!


    We pulled 3 of our favorites for you to download, print and color at home.

    If you're new to our blog, make sure you scroll back and check out all of our activities that we have offered. From instructions on how to make different bracelets, to coloring, to starting a business... There's a lot of fun things we have to share to hopefully get an hour of creative fun!



    We'd love to see anything you create - snap a pic and tag us on Instagram: @fashionangelsent.


    Your Fashion Angels Friends

  • How to Make Paper Beads

    April 14, 2020

    Did you know that making paper beads have been around since the Victorian Era. It's simple and you should have all the materials you need at home to make some fun, unique beads. Go grab old magazines and paper scraps and let's get crafting!

    You can also combine your rolled paper in to a pendant to add on to an existing necklace!

    Just think - with this technique you can make strands of beads for door curtains or you can even make a large wall hanging or framed rolled paper art piece. The possibilities are endless!

    We'd LOVE to see your paper beads or paper crafts. Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram: @fashionangelsent


    Your Friends at Fashion Angels


  • Fashion Design Challenge

    April 13, 2020

    We love a little friendly competition and what could be more fun than challenging your besties (by video chat of course), siblings, or mom and dad to a little fashion design challenge. This is a fun and easy thing to do at home to help flex those creative muscles.

    We have a FREE  model sketch page that you can download below. Make sure you grab all of your sketching tools - markers, pencils, crayons, or whatever you want to use to draw and color your fashion designs. And of course don't forget to grab all your creative energy!

    Next, you'll need some blank paper, a pen, scissors, and a few cups or little bags to get your different challenge themes together. Write each idea on it's own slip of paper, fold up and put in it's own challenge bag/box/cup. We think a few fun challenges for your fashion designs are:

    1. What theme should your design include. Here's our 12 ideas: Favorite Season, Music, Desserts, Boho, Favorite Movie, Favorite Artist, Favorite City, Party/Birthday, Flower or Plants, Princess, Horoscope/Astrology, Free Draw
    2. What type of garment should have the above theme present in its design - Our ideas are: Formal Dress, Cocktail Dress, Tank Top, Pants, Skirt, Jacket, Blouse, Business Suit, Shorts, Swim Wear, Free Draw
    3. How much time do you have to design your outfit: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes??? This is totally up to you!

    You could add more challenges like color(s) to use, material/pattern to include, or the sky is the limit!

    Do you know about color theory? Here's a little chart all about primary colors, complimentary colors, shades, and more. It's something fun to think about while you're making your designs to make them even better!

    After you pick your challenges and get them down on paper, you can judge each other's designs. The download sketch sheet has 3 models so you can do the best out of 3 challenges and see who gets the title of Master Fashion Designer!



    We'd love to see your designs and challenges (take a screen shot if you're doing it via video with your friends!) Share it on Instagram and tag us: @fashionangelsent


    Your Friends at Fashion Angels


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