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The New York Toy Fair is our biggest show of the year! Every February for the past 20 years has been dedicated to making the Fashion Angels Toy Fair experience top notch — and we definitely made sure to bring all the magic to our 2017 booth! From a giant wall of our fav sayings and a magic sequin reception desk, to packing up all of our newest goodies (which we can't wait to share with you!), it took months of hard work and planning to get everything just right!  In the midst of craziness and excitement, we made sure to use every moment of our time in NYC wisely. One of our favorite things in the world is getting lost in the streets of New York because you never know what you'll find. With eyes wide open and our phones ready to snap s few pics, we took to the streets of NY in search of all the colors we could find!  The weather was a true preview of springtime, allowing us to go the extra distance and find all the best rainbow-y sights — see some of our awesome photos below!

Once we finished our colorful scavenger hunt, it was time to get back to work. Toy Fair is a four- day long experience and we were present for every second of it. Many of our cool new products were displayed and will be heading your way later this year! Stay tuned on our social media channels (@stylelabgirl and @fashionangelsent on Instagram) and right here on our blog to be the first to know about new product releases!

xoxo The Style.Lab Squad

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