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  • Welcome Back – School's In Session!

    August 22, 2016

    BTS Blog

    When the first bell of the school year rings, you know what that means! It's time for books, papers, tests, projects, and plenty of secret notebook doodles. These days it can be hard to stand out in those gray school hallways. From the basic buys to new trends, everyone seems to really blend together, but that doesn't mean you have to! Like Superwoman, The Style.Lab Squad is swooping in to save the back to school day! We love keeping your style fresh without the worry of blending in. It's important to feel and look your best while walking the halls and sitting in class for hours on end, so here are five of our favorite back to school items!

    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.47.28 AM

    1. Emoji Backpack and Lunch Tote: This matching set will have all of your BFFs looking your way! The beyond trendy emoji pattern will work well with everything, no matter your mood! Want to add a little something to your backpack or lunch tote? Check out #4 on this list to see the coolest way to personalize these back to school accessories!

    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.53.11 AM

    2. Pastel Smelly Jellies: Even if it doesn't need to be highlighted, you'll highlight it anyway. Smelly Jellies are truly an endless amount of scented fun. Your notes no longer have to be boring and neither do your doodles!

    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.48.40 AM

    3. Organize and Chill planner: Keeping life organized is top priority, but sometimes it can get a little boring. Day after day, you have homework, sports practice, art lessons, parties, and of course, school! Use stickers, Tapeffiti, and gel pens to make your planner fun and easy to keep track of!

    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.54.55 AM

    4. Icon Patches: Everything needs a little personalization, and with patches you'll never be the same! Put them on your lunch tote, notebooks, binders, jean jacket, or locker! Everyone will be wondering who's the cool kid with the stylish accessories!

    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.48.07 AM

    5. Tapeffiti mini tube assortment: In the Style.Lab, we have ZERO time for boring! Tapeffiti is the perf solution to all things that need a little pazazz. Need to spice up a notebook? Create a design with sparkly Tapeffiti! Ready to DIY? Do a fun project like paper cacti making from our previous blog post!

    Are you obsessed with all of this back to school awesomeness?! We want to hear about all of your faves, too! Post a picture on Instagram showing us your back to school style and tag us, @stylelabgirl!

    xoxo, The Style.Lab Squad


    August 10, 2016


    Having a beauty routine is beyond important. From makeup to moisturizer, each product is as important as the next. Here are some awesome products that would work with any routine at any time of the day. Check out the description of each product and learn how awesome they are. See a something you just NEED? Click on the item you love and check it out online: Light Up Lipgloss, Hair Tattoos, Work in Progress Facial Lotion, Lip Balm, Sheet Mask, Sparkle Hair Mist, Eye Mask.

    Follow Style.Lab and Fashion Angels on social media! Instagram: @stylelabgirl & @fashionangelsent Snapchat: stylelabgirl


    August 8, 2016

    FullSizeRender[3]Having a green thumb has never been so easy! The Style.Lab Squad thought it'd be a blast to create our own cacti to make our office space a little brighter! Using paper, Tapeffiti, a scissors, large and mini flower pots, colored paper, and hot glue, we had everything we needed to make our four adorable cacti. We decided to make the cacti in different sizes, shapes, and using different Tapeffiti patterns. Who knew a cactus covered in green sparkle Tapeffiti would look so good?! Our succulents turned out better than expected and they're the absolute cutest decoration! Once you've made your cacti, give them a home by putting them on a desk, bedside table, or anywhere else you deem fit!

    Just in case you missed our step by step cacti making tutorial on our Insta Story, you can follow us @stylelabgirl so you don't miss another thing!



    August 3, 2016

    Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.15.03 AM

    The Average Socialite, a well known blog that covers everything from back to school tips and beach must haves to the superbowl and celebs, featured one of our favorite back to school products: SMELLY JELLIES! We love seeing blogs express love for our items, and they couldn't say enough about our delicious highlighters. "Highlighting your to-do list has never been so much fun! Introducing, Smelly Jellies - the ultimate gel highlighters that write oober smooth and are scented! With a twistable highlighter barrel, you won't run out of fun! Choose from the neon carnival food or pastel sweet treats pack. Each boxed set comes with 6 gel highlighters."

    As you can probably tell, Smelly Jellies are about to take the back to school game by storm. Smelly Jellies will help you coordinate, doodle, and inspire all while sitting at your school desk!

    If you want to read about Smelly Jellies and the rest The Average Socialite's Back to School Tips, click here! If you want more from Fashion Angels and the Style.Lab, find us on social media!

    Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.14.39 AM


    August 2, 2016

    As our social media presence expands, we've decided to create a Snapchat! Now everyone can get a behind the scenes look at everything here at Fashion Angels! We're so excited to share special in-the-moment photos and videos with you. We'll even be sending Snapchat on the road so you'll see what it's like a trade shows and in our showrooms!  You won't miss a thing! If you want to add us on snapchat, you can add us as a friend by typing in "stylelabgirl" OR you can screenshot our snapcode below and enter it into your snapchat!



    August 1, 2016

    Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 2.51.25 PMWoohoo! We're BEYOND thrilled to announce that Fashion Angels has officially launched! After lots of hard work, the first two ZNAPEEZ kits are for sale on the website! With Znapeez, you can make clothes, room decor, sports equipment, and everything in between. Both super sets are TONS of fun, and we can't describe how excited we are to see everything you'll build with ZNAPEEZ.

    Want to get to know ZNAPEEZ?! Check out these links to stay in the know: View the ZNAPEEZ commercial, watch the ZNAPEEZ tutorial, and be one of the first to own ZNAPEEZ!

    Once you've received your ZNAPEEZ in the mail and started playing, post about it on social media! We'd love to see your photos. Make sure to hashtag #ZNAPEEZ and tag us @fashionangelsent! Happy znapping!


  • Finding Inspo in NYC!

    July 26, 2016

    Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.40.45 PMNew York City is a place of endless imagination and inspiration. Art, clothes, music, food... they simply have it all! Last week a member of the Style.Lab Squad took on NYC and found plenty of inspo everywhere she went! She saw plenty of things that reminded her of the coolness happening in the Style.Lab and made her imagination run wild!

    We absolutely love great inspo here at Fashion Angels because it helps get our creative juices flowing. Picture inspiration can go a long way! We promise that your doodles will become bigger, your mind will become brighter, and your Insta post game will defs be receiving some extra likes. Although New York is treasure trove of endless inspo, don't forget that inspo can be found anywhere! Take pics in your backyard, go to the mall, or do a chic photoshoot with your BFFs. Inspo is EVERYWHERE!

    For more on inspo, check out the NYC picture below! Also, tag us in posts on Instagram that inspire you! We love to fresh ideas and hearing from you is our favorite. For more, follow us on Instagram, @stylelabgirl, and "like" us on Facebook!

    Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.58.41 PM


  • Sounds like the perfect plan!

    July 13, 2016

    Basic RGBThe Style.Lab loves to create products that fit perfectly into your life. Whether that be adorable room decor, super trendy accessories,  or back to school must haves, we strive to make your day a little brighter! Recently Flamingos + Fringe, an awesome creative lifestyle blog, wrote a post dedicated to how amazing our new Style.Lab planners are!

    Toni, the writer and creator of Flamingos + Fringe who also works as Art Director at Fashion Angels, discusses 7 major perks of using an SL planner, and we TOTES agree with all of them:

    "1. 3 FUN COVER DESIGNS /  My fave is the plaid that says “I’m Kind Of A Big Deal” – There’s nothing wrong with a little confidence, right?!

    2. 18-MONTH CALENDAR /  The pages of weekly and monthly calendars are un-dated, so no matter what year it is, you can write in the dates and get to plannin’.

    3. TASSEL BOOKMARK /  How freaking cute!

    4. HOROSCOPES, QUIZZES & GAMES – OH MY! /  Need a break from planning? Take a quiz to find out what emoji you are - I got the “Happy Emoji” when I took the quiz. In addition, there are tons of playful pages of lists, doodles, quotes and more!

    5. THEMED MONTHS / Each month has it’s own style and graphic motif. Helps keep things fresh as you move throughout the year.

    6. SECRET CODE! / There’s even a system of icons and symbols for each letter in a secret code. This could be helpful if you wanted to keep the name of your crush a secret just in case your planner gets in the wrong person’s hands…

    What does this say?


    Guess you'll have to get a Style.Lab planner to find out!

    7. STICKERS GALORE / Dentist appointment? There’s a sticker for it! Girl’s Night Out? There’s a sticker for it! Spring Break Trip? There’s a sticker for it! With over 450 stickers it’s hard to find something there isn’t one for."

    Basically, we're just loving how Toni appreciates everything about our planners. From the perfectly designed covers and monthly themes, to the cool quizzes and sticker collections, these planners fit any age. It doesn't matter if you're trying to keep track of homework or scheduling out when the bills are due, Style.Lab planners are formatted to make tedious planning as fun as can be!

    If you want to read Toni's full blog post, click here, and while you're at it, you should check out the rest of her blog, too! If your planner addiction is getting too real, click here to purchase one of our planners online! And, for more about the Style.Lab, make sure you're following us @stylelabgirl on Instagram!

    Basic RGB


    June 29, 2016

    Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.12.59 PMAlthough summer is arguably the best time of year, sometimes it brings a little sadness. Between all of the fun beach days and shopping extravaganzas, besties must part ways for vacation, camp, or just crazy busy schedules. To keep your bestie memories with you all the time, plan a friendship bracelet making party before you have to say goodbye!

    One of our newest Trend-cessories, the Neon Charm Mash-up Kit, provides a new spin on BFF bracelets. Have you and your bestie pick a favorite charm and design a bracelet around your unique personalities! Now, whenever you look down and see the charms, you'll think about your awesome best friend! Charms are an amazing way to symbolize who you both are as friends and are totally stylish, too! Check out  this pic below of our awesome Bestie Bracelets to get inspired!

    FullSizeRender copy 8To see more awesome creations, follow @stylelabgirl and @fashionangelsent!

  • Beauty Bag Secrets!

    June 9, 2016

    FullSizeRender copy 8A girl’s beauty bag is a very sacred place. Inside stores the treasures and secrets of our daily lives. Random things fall in out of our beauty bag, but there will always be items that never go misplaced. The Style.Lab Squad is here today to let out our beauty secrets and treasures so yours can be filled with just as much magic as ours!

    Every beauty bag requires a plethora of hair ties. Whether they are patterned, sparkly, or plain, we all need to pull our hair back from time to time. Although we often find ourselves losing them, it always helps to have extra whenever we may need it! Another often-misplaced item seems to be bobby pins, but if you keep them color-coded and stored away safely, we promise they won’t disappear on you! Next, a mini hairbrush for on-the-go beauty provides us with photo ready hair all day! Also, our pink grapefruit body spray is there when we need to freshen up, and keeping lip-gloss on the ready for times we need a little sprucing is super important! Finally, nail polish! And not in just one color, but in many! You never know when you’ll need a touch up or even a change of pace. Sometimes sparkly nails are just calling our name!

    Now that you know our fave items, it's important you know about our fave bag... Canvas, quotes, and a fun prints are the ideal combo when it comes beauty bags. Your bag needs to express who you are because inside holds things you use every single day! If you love our beauty bag, check it out on our website!

    The Style.Lab Squad would love to see your favorite beauty bag treasures! Post a picture on Instagram telling us about your goodies and we might just regram you! And if you’re not following us yet, be sure to check us out here!


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