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    December 2, 2016


    We've got the best last minute holiday stocking stuffer ideas just for you! Check them out and search them right here, on our website!



  • Counting Down The Days : DIY Holiday Calendar!

    December 1, 2016


    Happy Holidays, everyone! For the entire month of December, we're giving you deals, DIYs, the best Christmas gift ideas — you can sort of look at this as a month-long holiday party filled with PLENTY of goodies! We've got so many blog posts in store for you, and for today, the 1st of December, we're showing you how to get that countdown 'til christmas going! We rounded up the supplies need: cork board, pink spray paint, icon push pins (AKA adorable Style.Lab stud earrings), and colorful numbers!

    The steps to building your calendar are pretty self explanatory. Spray paint your cork board and give ample time to dry, print your numbers, and pin them on! The best part about this DIY is you can do whatever you imagine with it! To make it more Christmas themed, use red and green, or change the number colors to make the special days stand out! If you want to use the adorable numbers we did, use this download to print them: count_down.

    So, if you're just as excited about the holidays as we are, you'll definitely want to be following @fashionangelsent and @stylelabgirl on Instagram and Facebook! Keep you eye out for all of the exciting things happening this month!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad


    November 28, 2016


    The Fashion Angels Team was lucky enough to show ZNAPEEZ! at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair earlier this November! Although Chicago isn't a long ways from our headquarters in Milwaukee, it took lots of work to get everything prepared for our booth! ZNAPEEZ! was among many other awesome toys and games featured at ChiTAG this year, and we were thrilled to meet so many cool bloggers, retailers, parents, and kids!

    Over the span of two days we had the chance to show people of all ages how ZNAPEEZ! works and how awesome they truly are. Kids had a blast putting together mini ZNAPEEZ! projects and playing with different samples we brought. From our favorite silly fox puppet to the rainbow znap sunhat, everyone fell in love with a click and a znap.


    We would LOVE to hear about what you think of ZNAPEEZ!. Make sure you're following us @znapeez to keep learning about how cool the product is. Tag us in all of your creations and we'll share them on our account!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad



    October 31, 2016

    fullsizerender7Happy Halloween! Fashion Angels absolutely LOVES to celebrate every holiday (as you've probably noticed), and this year for Halloween we decided to change things up. If you follow us on social media (if you don't, you NEED TO! @stylelabgirl & @fashionangelsent!), you've probably seen all the Halloween emoji fun we've been having! Here's a recap of how we decorated for the (not so) spooky day!



    What's an emoji themed Halloween without cupcakes and brownies?! We used a quick and simple DIY emoji cupcake topper print-out and taped them to toothpicks. For our poop emoji brownies (we promise they tasted delicious!), all we did was use chocolate frosting to look exactly like the emoji! Easy as that!


    It's all in the details — The DIY straws and lemon emoji in our fruit salad really pulled together our table decorations. We love to see how others decorated for Halloween, so be sure to share your photos with us on Instagram! Also, watch out for more posts as the holiday season approaches. We've got plenty of Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating ideas up our sleeves!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad

  • THE HALLOWEEN SERIES: Pumpkin Decorating

    October 24, 2016


    As Halloween is fast-approaching, The Style.Lab Squad thought it would be the perfect time for a DIY! Although DIY costumes are always a blast, we thought that pumpkin decorating would be the best way to get into the spirit of Halloween.

    To get inspired, we made a pumpkin inspiration board. This board is a collection of photos that helped us decide how we wanted to decorate our pumpkins — check it out below so you can get inspired, too!


    After finding inspiration, we gathered the supplies: pumpkins, spray paint, glitter, unicorn cut outs, emoji stencils, sequins, gems, shimmer sticks, paint and hot glue! Don't forget to grab a parent before starting your pumpkin (especially for the hot glue and spray paint)!

    Since we decided to create three different pumpkins, we used three different colors of spray paints: pink, blue, and yellow! You can use whatever colors you think will best create the Halloween pumpkin of your dreams! Once your pumpkin(s) are sprayed, give them enough time to dry — preferably an hour or two.


    Now, if you want the same pumpkins as us, you'll first need to print the pieces to the pumpkin decorating puzzle. See the links below to print our unicorn and emoji pieces:



    Once printed, you're ready to get started! It's super easy to copy our pumpkins exactly, but don't be afraid of doing your own thing. You can make each pumpkin unique in their own way! On the other hand, our third pumpkin design is a little more difficult, and it's okay if you're not exact! Have fun with it! This is your chance to do anything to your pumpkin — use the paint, glitter, shimmer sticks, and gems to make your pumpkin stand out and shine.

    We would LOVE to see all of your pumpkins! Take a picture of the pumpkins you decorated this year and share them on social media! Don't forget to tag us @stylelabgirl!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad


    Unicorn Pumpkin in the making - Shimmer Sticks are the best way to blend color into our pink unicorn!


    Using the cut-out stencils for our Emoji Pumpkin and painting them in with red paint!


    Our DIY pumpkin that truly lets your Halloween ideas flow. Don't be afraid try new ideas and use A LOT of sparkles!

  • THE HALLOWEEN SERIES: A Lazy Girl's Guide To Halloween

    October 17, 2016


    Halloween time can come with a lot of pressure. What should you wear? Where will you get your costume? What are your friends wearing? Well, it’s time to take the pressure off! This blog post is for all those girls who want to look great without the time and commitment.

    Our personal favorite DIY Halloween has to be #ThrowbackThursday — It's time to raid mom's closet and dig up all those "cool" '90s looks. This will give you an awesome opportunity to play with hair and makeup AND you can keep the look mom gave you and repurpose it into something trendy! PSA: Chokers are TOTALLY in! If you can't find one around the house, go to the fabric store and buy a small piece of velvet to make your own!


    Another awesome DIY idea is for every girl who dreams of being a queen. Crowns are a common dress up item, and the best part about a crown is that they can be paired with anything! From Queen Beyonce, to Selfie Queens, the options are endless. Just remember to have fun with it and think outside of the box! To help you achieve queen status, we've created a "Selfie Queen" crown print-out just for you! Check it out here: Selfie-Queen


    Our last DIY idea might be the best one yet! SNAPCHAT HALLOWEEN. Become one of your favorite filters using just makeup and a customized headband. The steps are super easy!

    1. Pick your favorite filter of all time (our personal fav is the puppy filter!)

    2. Find a boring headband that's buried somewhere in your beauty bin

    3. Draw your filter on paper OR use this (puppy-ears) pre-made template to be a Snapchat puppy!

    4. Glue/tape your filter onto the headband!

    If the puppy filters aren't your favorite, feel free to try something different! Since Snapchat is constantly switching out filters, a new costume idea could pop up any day! Plus, snap filters make the best BFF costumes. Team up with your bestie to create the ultimate nerd duo or face swap.

    If any of these ideas are sparking your interest and you want to take them to the next level, try these items to up your Halloween game: Chrome Nails, Rainbow Unicorn Hair, Glo Hair Trend Set, Cosmic Stardust Hair KitBody Glitter Tattoos, and Znapeez Super Set.

    Want more from the Style.Lab and Fashion Angels? Follow us online! @stylelabgirl and @fashionangelsent!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad

  • THE HALLOWEEN SERIES: Cool Hair, Don't Care

    October 4, 2016

    This October, The Style.Lab is changing it up. We’ll be doing a 3-blog series to help prepare you for Halloween. Whether it be hair, costumes, or decorating for the spookiest day of the year, we’re here to share our thoughts and fun ideas!

    img_9096The Style.Lab Squad has always been absolutely obsessed with Halloween. We can’t get enough of the pumpkin picking, candy corn eating, and costume ideas. This year,  The Squad decided it’s time to take our costuming to the next level, which means hair color GALORE! From glowing rainbows to shimmering sparkles, our options are endless when it comes to crazy fun hair.glitterhair_1

    Now, you may be a little spooked by the idea of going hair crazy this Halloween, but don’t worry — after a night of trick or treating, the temporary hair color will disappear (until you decide to bring it back, of course!). There are so many options when it comes to your hair. Wanna be a rock star? Why not make those luscious locks of yours glow pink? Wanna be a gymnast? Make sure your hair is sprayed with sparkles! Even if your costume this year is a little scary, there’s always room to play.

    Still need some Halloween hair inspo? View the video below!

    Like any of these cute ideas? Be sure to check out the products that can get you Halloween ready! The Style.Lab has glow hair, temporary hair color, and glitter roots! Check them out now and be sure to follow us on Instagram so you can see more of the fun!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad


    September 27, 2016

    Happy Fall! Everyone here in The Style.Lab Squad is getting beyond excited for the changing leaves, cool weather, and (of course) plenty of pumpkin spice. While digging up our cold weather attire to prepare for the season, we ran into a small issue — our wardrobe is in need of a serious update. Since our outfits need a little TLC, we thought yours might, too! So, here are some tips too keep your fall season looking fresh.

    1. Layering — Your True Fall BFF

    It's always easiest to keep warm with the help of layers. We're super into this ZNAPEEZ vest because outfit repeating never has to be a problem. Once you've rocked the vest, convert it into a scarf! Because ZNAPEEZ! allows you to build anything you can imagine, your wardrobe will never be boring.


    2. All Patched Up

    There's no reason to wear the same old boring jean jacket, year after year. With the help of patches, your clothes will go into cuteness overload. With an array of different styles and loads of sparkles, patches are the perfect way to personalize!


    3. It's TIME for Fall!

    If you read our blog post from a little while back (which you can find here), you know that LED watches are the true key to this season's accessory box. There are so many patterns and styles to pick from, each of your fall outfits will shine!


     4. Good Hair, Don't Care

    Last on our fall trends list has everything to do with hair. No matter if your hair is curly, straight, or somewhere in between, these hair trends will look amazing on you. Glow hair will be your true Halloween BFF, glitter roots will have you feeling like a rock star, and Unicorn hair coloring will have you temporarily transformed into anything you can imagine for the day.


    So, how are you feeling about these fall trends? Let us know by commenting on Instagram or tagging us @stylelabgirl & @fashionangelsent!

    xoxo, The Style.Lab Squad


    September 12, 2016


    WATCH OUT - the Style.Lab is going beyond trendy with our LED Watches! Patches, pins, and prints are on the rise, so why not add an expertly stylized watch into the mix? From basic swirl sparkle patterns to prints featuring food and emojis, LED watches are truly the accessory you didn't even know you needed.

    Styling your watch can be just as fun as actually wearing it. Go matching with your BFF, pair it with your beach attire, keep it company with extra bangles and bracelets, or style it for school! The styling possibilities are endless! Check out the collage below to see some awesome ways you can style our LED Watches!

    Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 11.24.19 AM

    Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.47.16 AM

    Want to grab an SL LED Watch for yourself? Go here to see the watches! Have you been wearing an LED Watch and want share how you've styled it? Post on Instagram and tag us @stylelabgirl!


    August 31, 2016


    If there's anything we know for sure, it's that the back to school blues have finally hit. The heavy backpacks, messy handwriting, and tests were not missed over the summer, yet they come back every year anyway. To dodge these back to school blues, the Style.Lab wants to share a few pro tips on how to make studying fun and effective!

    Pretend you have an English test next week and you have NO IDEA where to start studying. Should you make flash cards? Should you reread the text book? Studying should be done in whatever way you find most effective. Personally, the Style.Lab Squad finds it not only super fun, but also very helpful to write out a study guide. Writing down everything you need to know actually helps you memorize the information!

    Using some of your favorite doodle devices, ours being Smelly Jellies, Gel Pens, and Shimmer Stix, color code your study notes. As you create and decorate your study guide, read the different terms your writing aloud, that always helps!

    Once you feel like you've memorized all the info, have a bestie or parent quiz you. Give them two different highlighters, one to mark all the ones you know and ones you need a little work on! Soon enough your study guide will look just as beautiful as the big A+ on the top of your test! When you go to class to take the test, don't worry if you get stuck! Try and remember the colors you highlighted that subject in to jog your memory.

    These pointers should can easily get the straight A's you've been striving for, and once your friends take notice, show them how awesome studying can actually be. Decorating and memorizing in study groups is always fun, too! Going into each test with confidence is the biggest key of them all. You can do it!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad


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