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  • The Sweetest Downloads

    March 27, 2020

    Cake, ice cream, cupcakes... YUM! Not sure about you, but we can't pass up a good dessert. There's many sweet bake shops or ice cream bars opening up that gain cult followings for their unreal sweet treat creations. Where's your favorite places to get treats in your hometown? One of our favorites when we go to the big Toy Fair in New York is Magnolia Bakery! We in fact get boat loads of cupcakes for our guests at the show!

    Today, we have some fun free sweets downloads to bust through that bordem at home.


    Dig out your markers, colored pencils, crayons - or whatever materials you want to use and get to work. Design some fab and funky cupcakes, cake and ice cream creations. Would it be some unicorn cupcakes? Maybe an out of this world galaxy sundae. Let your imagination run wild and flex those creative muscles.





    We'd love to see your creations! Snap a pic of your designs or making them and tag us on Instagram @fashionangelsent


    Your Friends from Fashion Angels

  • Become a SHE-E-O

    March 26, 2020

    We thought we would do a little throwback activity today since it's Thursday (#TBT). How many of you remember when we had the It's My Biz line? These fab kits helped girls learn business basics along with a super fun crafting activity! (make sure you check out our saved Instagram stories about how our owners started Fashion Angels).



    Today we are sharing a fun worksheet you can print at home and get your kids brainstorming about a business they would want to open.


    Share your business ideas and creations with us - snap a pic and tag us on Instagram: @fashionangelsent.

    We hope you enjoy!


    Your Friends at Fashion Angels!

  • Let's Make Some Bracelets!

    March 25, 2020

    We love a good friendship bracelet. It's time to start stocking up on a supply of bracelets to give to all your BFF's when you all get to hang out again.

    This is a fun activity to help young kids learn to follow step by step instructions and to gain some fine motor skills. We have 3 different options for all different skill levels. Plus, it's a fun UNPLUGGED, creative craft project to do! So grab your embroidery floss or string or whatever you have laying around and get creating!




    Have fun and make sure you share your creations with us! Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram @fashionangelsent


    Your Friends at Fashion Angels

  • String Art Patterns

    March 24, 2020

    "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow."

    Hello Friends -

    Over the next few days, we'll share some of our favorite activities with all of you to get you through being stuck at home. Today, we're sharing some fun string art patterns and this is a fun activity that can have lots of variations.

    You'll Need:

    • A piece of wood or a really thick piece of foam core (If you're ultra-hip and have a Light Bright at home, you can use these patterns there)
    • Small nails or push pins
    • String or yarn or rubber bands
    • Printed patterns from below
    • Scissors
    • Optional: Paint, markers, colorful paper, glue

    Take your wood or foam core and if you want to decorate the background, go ahead and do that first. Paint, color or collage some cool papers on the flat surface. If not, leave it plain - that's fine too!

    Print out your favorite patterns below, and place over your wood or foam core.

    Place the nails or pins on the dots (*PARENTS: you'll need to help with this part and will need a hammer if you're using nails!)

    Gently tear away the pattern from underneath.

    Take your string/yarn/rubber bands and go to town making a fun twisty pattern, switching colors when you like. Cut and tie a knot in your string when you reach an end point or want to change colors. Trim the excess, and glue the ends of your string if you need.

    See if you can create your own patterns. Or, do this on a large scale on your lawn outside using tent stakes and really thick yarn to make your neighbors smile.






    Peace, love and rainbows!


    Your Friends at Fashion Angels



  • #NationalPuppyDay Coloring Activity

    March 23, 2020

    Hello Everyone!

    We know these are some crazy times, but we're hoping to help all of you out a little with a few fun little craft ideas and activities along the way.

    Today (March 23rd) is National Puppy Day! Make sure you give your pup some extra love, snuggles and treats  today. For the kids, we have two cute print-at-home puppy themed coloring sheets to download and color.

    Snap a pic and share them with us on Instagram by tagging us: @fashionangelsent. And, if you're not already, follow us on TikTok (also @fashionangelsent).


    This one just seems appropriate:


    We hope all of you stay safe and healthy. Hope we could add a little fun for today!


    Your Friends at Fashion Angels


  • Stay in and Color!

    March 13, 2020

    We know a lot of you might be staying in and we thought a few of our fun portfolio pages would be a fab way for you to pass the time. Grab your crayons, colored pencils, markers, or whatever you got and click the links below to download some of the pages.

    PRO TIP: check out a few of our other blog posts for more of our portfolio pages to color or design fashions!





    Have fun!




  • Draw, Design, Sketch, Color!

    January 10, 2020

    Bored? Look no further than this weekend’s boredom buster - We’ve got the perfect activity that will help you unplug and have fun. It's classic design, sketching, drawing, coloring - whatever you want to call it, it's the perfect way to kill some time this weekend or anytime!

    Down below you can see 3 different (FREE) downloadable coloring pages. Choose a page from our fashion design sketch set to help you release your inner fashion designer. Or color and add your personal touches to one of the two classic coloring sheets

    Check out the full kit here:

    We’ve also posted a few other coloring pages that are positively adorable! Relax, sit back and enjoy the weekend with this fun activity!

    Fashion Design Download

    Find Your Wings Download


    Love Your Selfie Download

    Happy Designing Everyone!

  • Find Your Wings Subscription Box Card

    December 19, 2019

    I am sure you have heard all the buzz about our Find Your Wings subscription box that launched in August 2019. It’s been a very fun venture for us. We LOVE picking out goodies every month to put in a box especially for you. It’s been slowly growing and we’re really excited to see what the holiday season and 2020 will bring for this box as it grows in popularity. Here's a link to learn more about our subscription box:

    So, if you have ordered the Find Your Wings Box as a holiday gift, heads up – when you place an order for a monthly box, they always ship out on the 4th of the month. Meaning, if you ordered during this month (December) as a gift, your first box will be the January box (which, you can get multiple sneak peeks of on our Instagram page @fashionangelsent). That January Box will ship out on January 4th.

    We know what you might be thinking: Oh Snap – what will I put under the tree to let the person they are getting this awesome box as a gift?

    Of course we have you covered! Check out this adorable card that you can download and print from home to give as your gift.


    You’re welcome!

    Happy Holidays from all of your friends at Fashion Angels!

  • #ARTOBER & Creative Costume Planning

    October 18, 2019

    We love helping girls get in touch with their creative side. From learning all about fashion design, how to make different types of bracelets and jewelry, to making mini clay sculptures, or even a journal covered with colorful crystals – we’re all about unplugging and flexing your creative muscle.

    Since it’s October - or should we say ARTOBER - let’s stretch our imaginations and think up the coolest Halloween costumes and makeup looks we can.

    We’re giving you a FREE downloadable of one of the model sketch pages, and one of the makeup and hair sketch pages to show us your best Halloween looks.

    Print out the pages, design, sketch, and color your actual costume, or maybe the costume you would dream of making. Then post them on Instagram or Facebook and tag us! We’ll share your submissions in our stories.


    Fashion Design Sketch Page






    Make Up Sketch Page



    Side Note – One of the coolest products we make, the Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio, includes lots of tips and tricks on drawing fashion, color theory, fashion inspo, patterns, stencils, and more. Check our our portfolios on our website or in stores near you.

    Stay tuned for more weekend bordem busters!

  • Halloween Prep Tips!

    October 11, 2019

    Halloween is coming up fast and we have all the treats for you – no tricks! It’s time to get down to business and prep.

     First up, costumes!!!

    Are you still planning your costume or do you have it ready to go? Whether you’re still planning or just looking for the perfect finishing touches, check out the Halloween Shop on our website! If you’re a mega-procrastinator, don’t wait too long – you’ll want to grab up an Insta Costume kit if you need a makeup and accessory set to make a quick and easy to do make up look (or if you want to dress up, but with minimal effort)

    We also have great hair color sets, hair and body glitter (because there is never enough glitter!), and the perfect Halloween nail polish colors. And, as a fun alternative to the plastic pumpkin, use a mini backpack or a sequin tote bag to haul your candy stash in style!

    Next up – Decorating!

    Make sure you’re following us on Instagram - @fashionangelsent. We posted all about how to take inspo from some of our portfolios and sticker books as a fun way to paint your pumpkin this year! We have a few downloadable pieces for you to choose from if you don’t have a portfolio on hand.

    Think outside the box – your pumpkin can be painted with a unicorn, llama, mermaids, or your favorite things or saying totally not related to Halloween!


    Sugar Skull Download

    Fab-Boo_Lous Download

    Ghost Cat Download

    Narwhal Download

    Llama-Corn Download


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