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    February 10, 2017

    Heart PillowWith Galentine's Day right around the corner, the Style.Lab Squad is bringing you 5 Galentine essentials that are sure to make your day extra cool. Whether you're staying in or heading out (preferably for ice cream with you friends!), you and your gals are bound to have blast!

    1. Sweet Treats

    Forget Halloween, Galentine's is the best day of the year to binge on all your fav sweet treats because you get to do it with your pals! Make sure to stock up on plenty of chocolate Kisses and candy hearts for you and your BFFs to enjoy all day long.

    2. Party Playlist

    The party doesn't start until the tunes are blasting. Today is the PERFECT day to throw a dance party, and we've picked the best tracks for your squad to jam to! Wanna up your dance party game? Click here to watch AND listen to our Galentine's Playlist (via YouTube) that you can put on your TV!

    Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.55.02 PM

    3. Girls Night Movie

    Once the dancing and singing has come to an end, every Galentine's party requires a good chick flick. No worries, we won't recommend watching a cheesy love story, but we will recommend watching a film FILLED with love for your friends. Same of our favorites include The Parent Trap and Sleepover.

    4. Gal-tastic Favors

    Galentine's day is best served with candy hearts and little notes from your nearest and dearest. We've created six special mini cards for you to print, cut out, and have your Galentine party guests fill out. Place these (GALENTINE_NOTES) in decorated Gal-themed bags, and by the end of the night, everyone will have a bag full of sweet notes to keep! Pro Tip: You always get bonus points if you include candy with your notes!

    FullSizeRender 3


    5. It's a Gal Pal Thing...

    Our 5th and final Galentine's essential is, of course, your gal pals. Remember to tell them how much they mean to you. Your BFFs are the best, and they should know it! It doesn't matter if you have one best friend or ten, it only matters that you spread love to your truest BFFs.

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    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad


    January 20, 2017

    LED Watches, our ULTIMATE accessories, just got a major update (and we're pretty darn excited about it!!). You can now shop three exclusive SCENTED LED Watches that are specially packaged to keep all those sweet smells inside! Choose between Vanilla Latte, Cotton Candy, and Pineapple scents. We love how this popular accessory not only acts as a watch, but also acts as adorable arm candy! Stack your watch with fun bracelets or wear it alone and let the pattern speak for itself! Our LED Watch Collection is definitely accessory #goals, so why not collect them all?! Share the LED fun with all of your BFFs and with us!

    Want to shop the collection? Click here to be directed to all of our LED Watches! And don't forget to follow us on social media @stylelabgirl and @fashionangelsent to keep up with all of our newest products!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad


    January 6, 2017


    OMG! We can't believe that it's 2017! This year, as promised, is going to be EXTRA special!  The Fashion Angels Team is SUPER DUPER excited to announce our newest line — MAGIC SEQUIN *insert lots of star sparkle and heart eye emojis here*! Magic Sequin was created to combine our obsession with sequins and sparkle with our love for magic and fashion, giving you the coolest accessories of all time! The collection includes backpacks, lunch totes, pencil pouches, pillows, and journals!


    We LOVE giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the fun things that happen at Fashion Angels. Recently, we had photoshoot and snapped a few behind-the-scenes pictures just for you (see adorable photo above!). We also had a video shoot where we had a little too much fun swiping sequins, but it turned into awesome footage that will help you get to know the product, and become mesmerized by the sequins! Watch the full video below:

    So, are you already obsessed with the Magic Sequin?! Shop the first products in our Magic Sequin Collection NOW, right here at on! (Shop the collection here!)

    Wanna see more Magic Sequin photos and videos? Check out our Instagram (@stylelabgirl) and check out our magical posts. Share your magic sequin pictures with us by using the hashtag #MagicSequin on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad

  • WELCOME TO 2017!

    December 31, 2016


    Welcome to 2017! As much as we're going to miss all the fun 2016 brought, we have a few tricks up our sleeve for the new year! There's so much planned for 2017 and it's already looking pretty AMAZING! We don't like to begin a year without a special pledge to keep the good spirit going for another 365 days, and we thought it'd be nice to share with all of you! Do you make a pledge or a resolution for the new year?! If you do, we want to hear about it! Let us all about your 2017 plans know on Instagram!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad

    @StyleLabGirl @FashionAngelsEnt


    December 22, 2016


    Number one on our holiday to do list is ALWAYS decorating. This year, we put a twist on normal decorations! Using metallic ZNAPEEZ! and plenty of lights, our office space became a winter wonderland! We "znapped" ornaments, snowmen, poinsettias, and flower lights! With a little creativity we came up with pattern designs for each decoration before znapping them together. We're so obsessed with our decorations, we may never take them down... Maybe we will have winter all year round?! Check out these photos to get an inside look at our decorations.

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    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad



    December 16, 2016

    img_4067-1After our fun packaging with Tapeffiti, we soon realized we were missing something VERY important — the perfect gift tag! The Style.Lab Squad is definitely not a group of Christmas gift tag pros, but with the help of this awesome download, fa_gift_tags, and adorable presents to match, we did a pretty good job!


    Whenever you're in doubt of your Christmas creative skills, just remember: glitter glue is the answer to EVERYTHING! We used glitter to bring the sparkle and shine, adding the finishing touch we needed to complete our gift tags!


    Now it's your turn! Download the gift tags here: fa_gift_tags and start working your magic! Tag us in pictures of your decorated Christmas gifts on Instagram — @stylelabgirl and @fashionangelsent!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad

  • Holiday Glam: Manicure Edition

    December 13, 2016

    unknown-11What would the holiday season be without a little GLAM?! Sort of like the perfect tree topper, a fab manicure can truly change your holiday look. We pulled our Chrome Nail Kit to compliment the rest of our holiday ensemble and gathered red and green nail stickers to tie the nail look together.

    The Chrome Nail Kit comes in three different colors: gold, silver, and pink! If you're like us here in The Style.Lab, you're the girl who loves to sparkle for the holidays. We never pass up a glittery bag, rhinestone top, or shiny jewels. Each Chrome Nail Kit will seriously look amazing with your shimmering outfit and personality!

    Want more holiday fun? Join the Month Long Holiday Party we're throwing by following @stylelabgirl and @fashionangelsent on Instagram! Keep an eye for more blog posts, holiday deals, and fun DIYs!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad

  • DIY Holiday Cards

    December 8, 2016


    Every year when the season of giving comes around, we think about what we can do to show the people we love how much they mean to us. A personal note is always a good way to share with your closest BFF and family members how much you appreicate them. We've got the perfect greeting card download just for you! Personalize them by coloring in the adorable images, or use the blank card to design your own! Although the decorating and coloring is super fun, make sure you take extra time to write a nice a message inside. Check out this photo of how we decorated our cards, and then download and print them here: fashion-angels-holiday-cards

    Want more fun holiday print outs, DIYs, and deals?! Join us on social media for our Month Long Holiday Party by following @stylelabgirl and @fashionangelsent on Facebook and Instagram!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad

  • Holiday Gift Wrapping ft. Tapeffiti

    December 6, 2016


    Every holiday season, important to have a wrapping paper theme. Themes can vary from fun Santa prints, traditional red paper, paper with a lot of shine and glitter, and everything in between! Honestly, your wrapping theme can be whatever you want it to be, so this year we used everything we could (including Tapeffiti!) to decorate our packages!

    img_4005-1Using our Tapeffiti Tube assortment, we picked out our favorite patterns. You can create and design almost anything with Tapeffiti — from Christmas trees to plaid, you have plenty of choices! We decided to go a simpler route, using the Tapeffiti to look more like ribbon! We finished off our packages with customized gift tags (stay tuned to the blog later this month to get the gift tag download!), and they turned out perfect!


    Did you use Tapeffiti on your gifts this year?! Share your awesome designs with us on Instagram! Tag us @stylelabgirl and @fashionangelsent!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad

  • Happy #NationalCookieDay!

    December 5, 2016


    Happy #NATIONALCOOKIEDAY! We're about ready to drown in giant batch of sugar cookie dough and eat cookies until we can't anymore. As you can tell, National Cookie Day holds a very special place in our hearts, especially because it lands during the best time of year. Since the holidays are clearly the time of the cookie, what else would we do but decorate them day long!? With lots of Christmas—colored frosting and plenty of sprinkles, we dove right in.


    We had a little too much fun with the frosting, but who can blame us?! We're obsessed with our snowman and penguin, and Santa didn't turn out too bad either! If you're making cookies this season, we definitely want to see them! Tag us in all of your cookie creations!


    Want SO much more from Style.Lab and Fashion Angels this holiday season? Follow us on Instagram to join the excitement!

    xoxo The Style.Lab Squad


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