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Just for Fun - Free Coloring Downloads

We all know that all things related to the virus just plain stinks. Right?! We all have good days and bad days - it's totally normal. We're hoping our daily craft ideas will help your family spend a little time away from the screen and get creative.

Today we have the most simple of simple things... and the boys will even like this one. We used to have this super funny more "boy" themed portfolio book called I Stink. The pictures to color in (all designed by our in-house creative team in Milwaukee, WI) were of not-so-great smelling things: think garbage, toots, and there's some turds too!


We pulled 3 of our favorites for you to download, print and color at home.

If you're new to our blog, make sure you scroll back and check out all of our activities that we have offered. From instructions on how to make different bracelets, to coloring, to starting a business... There's a lot of fun things we have to share to hopefully get an hour of creative fun!



We'd love to see anything you create - snap a pic and tag us on Instagram: @fashionangelsent.


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