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OMG! We can't believe that it's 2017! This year, as promised, is going to be EXTRA special!  The Fashion Angels Team is SUPER DUPER excited to announce our newest line — MAGIC SEQUIN *insert lots of star sparkle and heart eye emojis here*! Magic Sequin was created to combine our obsession with sequins and sparkle with our love for magic and fashion, giving you the coolest accessories of all time! The collection includes backpacks, lunch totes, pencil pouches, pillows, and journals!


We LOVE giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the fun things that happen at Fashion Angels. Recently, we had photoshoot and snapped a few behind-the-scenes pictures just for you (see adorable photo above!). We also had a video shoot where we had a little too much fun swiping sequins, but it turned into awesome footage that will help you get to know the product, and become mesmerized by the sequins! Watch the full video below:

So, are you already obsessed with the Magic Sequin?! Shop the first products in our Magic Sequin Collection NOW, right here at on! (Shop the collection here!)

Wanna see more Magic Sequin photos and videos? Check out our Instagram (@stylelabgirl) and check out our magical posts. Share your magic sequin pictures with us by using the hashtag #MagicSequin on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

xoxo The Style.Lab Squad

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