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Fashion Design Challenge

We love a little friendly competition and what could be more fun than challenging your besties (by video chat of course), siblings, or mom and dad to a little fashion design challenge. This is a fun and easy thing to do at home to help flex those creative muscles.

We have a FREE  model sketch page that you can download below. Make sure you grab all of your sketching tools - markers, pencils, crayons, or whatever you want to use to draw and color your fashion designs. And of course don't forget to grab all your creative energy!

Next, you'll need some blank paper, a pen, scissors, and a few cups or little bags to get your different challenge themes together. Write each idea on it's own slip of paper, fold up and put in it's own challenge bag/box/cup. We think a few fun challenges for your fashion designs are:

  1. What theme should your design include. Here's our 12 ideas: Favorite Season, Music, Desserts, Boho, Favorite Movie, Favorite Artist, Favorite City, Party/Birthday, Flower or Plants, Princess, Horoscope/Astrology, Free Draw
  2. What type of garment should have the above theme present in its design - Our ideas are: Formal Dress, Cocktail Dress, Tank Top, Pants, Skirt, Jacket, Blouse, Business Suit, Shorts, Swim Wear, Free Draw
  3. How much time do you have to design your outfit: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes??? This is totally up to you!

You could add more challenges like color(s) to use, material/pattern to include, or the sky is the limit!

Do you know about color theory? Here's a little chart all about primary colors, complimentary colors, shades, and more. It's something fun to think about while you're making your designs to make them even better!

After you pick your challenges and get them down on paper, you can judge each other's designs. The download sketch sheet has 3 models so you can do the best out of 3 challenges and see who gets the title of Master Fashion Designer!



We'd love to see your designs and challenges (take a screen shot if you're doing it via video with your friends!) Share it on Instagram and tag us: @fashionangelsent


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