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#ARTOBER & Creative Costume Planning

We love helping girls get in touch with their creative side. From learning all about fashion design, how to make different types of bracelets and jewelry, to making mini clay sculptures, or even a journal covered with colorful crystals – we’re all about unplugging and flexing your creative muscle.

Since it’s October - or should we say ARTOBER - let’s stretch our imaginations and think up the coolest Halloween costumes and makeup looks we can.

We’re giving you a FREE downloadable of one of the model sketch pages, and one of the makeup and hair sketch pages to show us your best Halloween looks.

Print out the pages, design, sketch, and color your actual costume, or maybe the costume you would dream of making. Then post them on Instagram or Facebook and tag us! We’ll share your submissions in our stories.


Fashion Design Sketch Page






Make Up Sketch Page



Side Note – One of the coolest products we make, the Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio, includes lots of tips and tricks on drawing fashion, color theory, fashion inspo, patterns, stencils, and more. Check our our portfolios on our website or in stores near you.

Stay tuned for more weekend bordem busters!

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